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[DIR] Parent Directory 29-Oct-2018 20:28 1k [FILE] 08-Apr-2013 16:32 122M [FILE] 08-Apr-2013 16:34 129M [FILE] 22-Apr-2013 15:28 43.1M [FILE] 22-Apr-2013 15:33 49.0M [FILE] OLD-CRM32UR13.exe 08-Jul-2013 18:01 129M [FILE] OLD-CRM64UR13.exe 08-Jul-2013 18:01 137M [FILE] OLD-CRM2011-KB2843571v2-32bit.exe 18-Dec-2013 22:34 48.4M [FILE] OLD-CRM2011-KB2843571v2-64bit.exe 18-Dec-2013 22:34 52.1M [FILE] OLD-CRM32bit_UR16FileOnly.exe 28-Jan-2014 17:41 48.6M [FILE] OLD-CRM64bit_UR16FileOnly.exe 28-Jan-2014 17:45 52.3M [FILE] OLD-CRM32UR16Full.exe 28-Jan-2014 17:46 134M [FILE] OLD-CRM64UR16Full.exe 28-Jan-2014 17:52 140M [FILE] Installing and Configuring MS ..> 04-Apr-2014 17:41 961k [FILE] OLD-CRM32UR17Full.exe 23-May-2014 19:23 141M [FILE] OLD-CRM64UR17Full.exe 23-May-2014 19:24 146M [FILE] OLD-CRM32bit_UR17FileOnly.exe 23-May-2014 19:27 56.0M [FILE] OLD-CRM64bit_UR17FileOnly.exe 23-May-2014 19:28 59.9M [FILE] Installing and Configuring MS ..> 02-Jun-2014 19:35 784k